I live in Chicago. I cook like a Californian (which I have been for three quarters of my life). I learned to cook during a rainy winter in college with my roommate and doppelganger, Katy J. We had a TV equipped with food network and a house full of hungry vegetarians, so experimentation and vegetables were the name of the game. My food is still very veggie-focused. I learned to cook Italian food when studying abroad in Bologna, and the focus on simplicity and seasonality has stuck with me.

I love to feed people. I’d feed you if you came over, no doubt. I love being adventurous and creative with food. And I love to channel my inner Liza when making dinner, which often sends my cats and friends running, covering their ears. But they soon come back, rubbing their bellies.

Also, I never say no to chocolate or champagne.

You can read more of my blogging at the Chopping Block, where I work as a chef’s assistant for cooking classes in Chicago.

3 responses to “About”

  1. Mary Rechner says :

    Hi Kate!

    I miss seeing you in LA but it sounds like you are having a lovely life in Chicago! Are you writing poems along with cooking? I wish I could come over and eat!


  2. swmanifesto says :

    Hi Kate,

    Pat and I just saw your blog and we loved seeing the photo of you in your apron. I think your food looks delicious and maybe one day I’ll learn to channel *you* in the kitchen.

  3. Brandon Horn says :

    Hi Kate,

    Just checking out your blog. Everything looks delicious!

    – Brandon

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