Bacon Fest 2010: Angela’s Bacon-Apple Butter-Cheddar Sammiches

I just got back from camping in Kentucky, where I experienced many cookstove and campfire delights that I’ll share with you soon. In the meantime, on with chronicling the bacon fest. We wanted to have the iconic BLT represented, and Angela volunteered to bring some sandwich in that vein. Below is her inspired fare.

Pedro and Angela were on sandwich duty. And rose to the occasion.

Bacon-Apple Butter-Cheddar Sandwiches

I came up with this ditty on a whimmy: bacon + apple butter + cheese = yes > plain ol’ BLT (but only slightly).

Here’s what you’ll need:

Apple butter
A mild cheese (I used raw, aged cheddar which is similar in taste to string cheese)

Simply fry up the bacon, smear your bread with apple butter, add cheese, and voila!  You’ve got yourself a nice little sangwich.

Now, here are some things you should note about this recipe.  The apple butter I bought was plain and, frankly, flavorless.  A major disappointment, considering I paid $7.50 for it!  Be sure to use an apple butter you know and love, or heck, you might want to wait until fall to get some fresh from the farmer’s market.  In addition, I used storebought challa buns for this sandwich, and while they are quite tasty, there was simply too much bread.  I would recommend using plain old sliced bread in order to achieve a nice texture and balance.

Happy baconing!

–Kate’s friend Angela


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One response to “Bacon Fest 2010: Angela’s Bacon-Apple Butter-Cheddar Sammiches”

  1. stina says :

    these sandwiches make my mouth water!

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