The Joys of Artisanal Pasta

Sundays have become my favorite day of the week. When I have my way, they involve the farmer’s market, yoga, and then coming home starving to create a meal around the market finds of the day (then later, lately, True Blood with friends).

I was tempted by a new stand at the market yesterday: a handmade artisan pasta seller going by the name of Pasta Puttana. She had maybe eight different types of noodles, varying in flavor and width. The bags weren’t cheap, exactly, at $10 each, but each will make at least two meals, and the noodles are so full of flavor that you really don’t need to spend money on additional ingredients. And what a rare treat it is to have fresh, handmade pasta. I’d say it was worth the $5 for my lunch.

I bought the seasonal herb tagliatelle and approached it with a very light hand. Olive oil, toasted garlic breadcrumbs, poached egg, parmesan, salt and pepper. That’s it. But what a luxurious outcome from these simple beginnings. It tasted like a vegetarian carbonara, with the breadcrumbs providing crunch and depth of flavor. I have to suggest that you seek out some artisanal pasta and revel in it–soon!

Vegetarian Carbonara
1/2 bag (1/4 lb?) of fresh handmade pasta, your choice
1 egg
1 tsp. vinegar
2-3 cloves garlic, diced
1/2 c. breadcrumbs
olive oil
parmesan cheese

Put a pot of salted water on high to boil.

Heat a few tbsps. olive oil over medium-high heat and saute garlic until golden. Add the breadcrumbs until they grow to a deepened brown color and you can smell their toastiness. Take off heat and set aside.

When the water boils, add in the pasta and cook it for about 10 seconds. Drain and set on a plate. Drizzle olive oil and a pinch of salt over it, then add the toasted breadcrumbs on top.

Meanwhile, put a small pot of salted water on medium to simmer. When it begins to simmer, add a tsp. of vinegar. Crack the egg in a small cup and then slide it into the simmering water. Let it go for four full minutes, then remove it with a slotted spoon. Carefully place the egg on top of the pasta. Add salt and pepper, then slivers of parmesan. Serve hot.


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5 responses to “The Joys of Artisanal Pasta”

  1. johanna says :

    poached eggs should be on and/or in everything. i had an amazing tomato soup with a poached egg in it the other day!

  2. Kate Soto says :

    i agree! i love them so so much. sounds great on tomato soup. i’ll have to try that.

  3. Sara says :

    Please make this for me some time 🙂

  4. Kate Soto says :

    You got it! Come on over tonight.

  5. siggyosk says :

    That looks super yummy!

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